Saturday, 24 November 2012

Another week, another set of stuff to do

Next week looks like it’s going to be a relatively busy one for me considering I’m out of work. 
On Monday I have to give feedback to the Care Quality Commission inspectors about the Assessment Unit in Basildon Hospital and my personal experiences on that ward.  I actually think that I was suggested as someone to interview by someone who wants to piss off SEPT, the mental health provider.  I was told that the person who suggested me thought I’d be able to give a balanced testimony with good and bad points about the ward.  He obviously hasn’t listened to me in the past!
Before that appointment, I have an early morning meeting with the lecturer I helped out with advice on the student presentations at Anglia Ruskin University.  It’s only a quick meeting but might lead to another involvement opportunity with her so fingers crossed.
On Tuesday I have my weekly appointment with the Employment Specialist who is trying to assist me back into the workplace.  She’s always extending our supposedly hour-long sessions but, although it can be annoying at times, the work we get out of the extra time is always worth the inconvenience.  At least she’s helping me follow my employment goals.
On Wednesday I’ve got a Governing Body meeting at Thurrock Adult Community College.  Usually I can just sit there and chime in if I have something to say but, as I’m the Vice Chair of the Standards Committee and the Chair can’t be at the meeting, I’m giving the feedback of the last committee meeting to the full Board of Governors.  I’m shaking in my less than comfortable shoes but I’ll just have to do my duty.
I was actually made Vice Chair of the Standards Committee by default as I always seemed to be the only applicable applicant for the job so I have made it known that I would like to stand down as soon as possible to make way for someone else to have a go, assuming we get another applicable volunteer for the post.  It’s not that I don’t like being Vice Chair; it’s more the fact that I don’t like getting a position by default.
Thursday is my ‘I don’t have anything to do’ day so I suppose I’d better get my latest Your Thurrock blog written up.  It’s my observations on the Independent Advisory Group meeting, hate crime and the elections for the new Police and Crime Commissioners.  I think I’ll also write my end of year blog as well.  I’ve picked the subject already – a review of the last three and a half years of my life and how far I’ve come in that time.  The review will take a while to write but the ‘how far I’ve come’ part can probably be summed up in two words – ‘not far’.
On Friday I’m back in Basildon for an International Day of Disabled People (IDDP) event at which I will be facilitating a group of disabled people who will be relating their experiences to members of Basildon Council’s staff.  The actual date for IDDP is 3 December but 30 November was the only date the organiser could get a venue for.
Anyway, that’s my coming week.  It may not be as busy as some people’s week but it’s packed enough for me.
Until next time…

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  1. regarding the mental health unit.

    All they bloody do is lock you out of your room at 6am and stick you in the TV Room. So do the Doctors monitor you. no you see them every two days for a 10 min appointment. Do they do a F'ing thing no. The poor nurses/support workers try to help (I hope) but I don't know how, they sit in the room with you watching the TV. They do have one Doctor there in the office near the front office door during daytime hours but she just sat there writing reports or something. (Sorry I am blind and could not see what she was writing.)

    Asking me after watching Jeremy kyle, Coronation Street, Eastenders and Emmerdale farm how I feel. I can come up with one of two answers. Well I'm not a F'd up as those I just seen on TV orI say kill me before that F'ing bitch switches MTV back on again.

    No boradband in the unit, No phone chargers allowed. No computers to keep you occupied. welcome to 2012.

    Catching the Bus