Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A little advice please

It's very close to my birthday and I really don't want to celebrate it. Unfortunately, certain members of my family are dead set on forcing me to have some kind of celebration and I thought I'd ask my loyal readers what suggestions you could give me to avoid such a horrible pointless ritual.

I don't want to have a party or presents and haven't wanted such things for the last three or four years as I don't want to commemorate the passing of another year in which I have failed to make any progress in my pathetic life.

I'm on benefits and I'm nowhere nearer finding a job. I continue to contribute blogs, news items and photos to Your Thurrock but I don't get any remuneration for my efforts. I do the odd bit of voluntary work but it neither provides money or any increased chances of getting a paying job. I'm not exactly seen as a valued member of society and I'm not in much demand for my views either.

With so little point to my life, I don't really see much reason to celebrate yet another year of existence so I'd really like to avoid the ritualistic shenanigans without upsetting the members of my family who find such pleasure in them.

If you have any ideas, could you please add them below as a comment?


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