Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tuesday 22nd April 2014

My life truly is cursed. 

I sent off my CV to the e-mail address in the Thurrock Gazette to try to get myself a job as a Trainee Accounts Clerk just a short time ago and I received an e-mail in reply telling me that the Gazette had made a mistake.  The vacancy was for a Ships Agent Operator instead.  Being desperate for a job as I now have no income, I e-mailed back to ask if they could send details of that vacancy instead.  I got a quick reply with the devastating news that it was for an experienced Ships Agent Operator.

People keep telling me that I should get a job but when I try I get screwed over by the Universe yet again.  How am I supposed to get a job when people who have jobs make such mistakes and get away with it?

I wanted to go to the local employment agency today but I am now stuck indoors waiting for the council to call me back regarding my claim for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.

I know I’m not really ready to go back to work, recent events have proved that, but I have no choice than to set myself up to fail by taking any job I can to get some money coming in and gain back some of the self-worth I have been robbed of.

I was so close to being ready for work again with the steps I had been taking and the work I had been doing and now I’m back to square one again.  In fact, I’m probably in a worse position now because I have no financial support anymore.  If I had tears left to cry I’d probably be drowning in them by now.

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