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A little game I play to pass the time

I love psychology.  I’ve loved learning the subject for years.  It was a passion that manifested itself years before I discovered that I suffered from a psychological malady myself.  It’s a fact that only deepened my love of the subject not because it might offer a way of curing myself of my condition for I am not arrogant enough to think that I would be able to do that without professional help but because it allows me to understand my condition.  It also helps tremendously with one of my other hobbies – the study of serial killers.

During 2005 and 2006 I took various psychology courses at my local adult community college and part of one of the criminal psychology courses covered the offender profiling method used by the FBI.  This and my knowledge of Freud’s stages of psychosexual development have offered me the chance to amuse myself with building psychological profiles of people in the public eye whether I know anything of their past or not but simply from their current behaviour.  It also allows me to infer a lot about their early life and upbringing so that I can paint a picture in words of what made them the person they are today.  Don’t get me wrong though because, although I use the proper psychological tools, I also tend to further embellish my profiles with my own brand of dark humour that would strictly be considered as mocking towards Freud’s theories but that’s because I prefer the much more elegant theories of C G Jung which aren’t so openly mockable.

So, for your entertainment (and mine), here is my profile of Iain Duncan Smith and the events of his life that I infer from his current behaviour...

Iain Duncan Smith must have grown up in a household with a strict domineering father and an overly loving mother.  We can infer this from the fact that he demonstrates the character traits of being a bully, preferring to attack those weaker than himself to build up a sense of power that he was robbed of by his father, and his overwhelming narcissism that can only be the result of an overly loving mother filling his head with thoughts of being ‘special’ and being meant for great things.

IDS did not successfully navigate the stages of psychosexual development as evidenced by his total lack of empathy towards the victims of his welfare reforms.  As I know nothing about his past (and let’s face it, you can’t believe his own biographical details on his web page as they have been proven to be exaggerations or outright lies), and because his behaviour is all over the place, it’s difficult to pinpoint to which psychosexual stage he regresses when he ‘acts out’ but I have a few theories.

IDS demonstrates an oral fixation in his behaviour probably due to his mother’s insistence in constantly breast-feeding him in order to placate the young IDS.  Over indulging her son thusly has built within him the need to be constantly placated in his adult life or he tends to get bad tempered and obstreperous.  His oral fixation also manifests itself in the fact that virtually every time he opens his mouth he has to put his foot in it.

IDS demonstrates anally retentive tendencies in his behaviour as well, some of which may have been ingrained in him during his army career with that institution’s need for precision and tidiness.  He also demonstrates anally expulsive tendencies, an earlier part of the anal stage, in his tendency to create a mess wherever he goes as can be evidenced by the complete mess he’s making of the welfare ‘reforms’ and his obsession with talking a load of male bovine faeces.

Less obvious are the phallic tendencies in his behaviour but I believe he does show some due to the fact that he acts like a huge phallus most of the time.

I believe that IDS had few friends (if any) during his childhood due to his total lack of empathy with others.  I can infer such a lack of empathy from his behaviour during the debate on the rise in the use of foodbanks due to his welfare ‘reforms’ when he sat smirking behind his colleague Esther McVey before sneaking out early from the debate.

I further believe that IDS was bullied mercilessly at school and, therefore, sought out weaker targets to bully himself in an attempt to retain some measure of power and accounts for his current pleasure in inflicting maximum pain on the groups in society least able to fight back.

Of course, like all bullies, IDS is a coward at heart.  This is reflected in his choice of victim during the course of this administration and the fact that it was Esther McVey who took the lead in the foodbank debate and not him.  As long as he can find someone with less power and ability to fight back, IDS will be there to feed on them and persecute them to feed his need for power.

I can infer from his current behaviour that, although his father was strict and domineering, he lived in a certain degree of luxury which shielded him from reality somewhat.  This accounts from his total lack of understanding of life in the ‘real’ world demonstrated in his harsh and damaging welfare ‘reforms’

I believe that IDS was either a late bloomer or a low achiever, academically speaking.  His need to exaggerate the details of his education on his web page to make him look more intellectual than he really is based on his low academic achievement and his need to live up to the false image given to him of his importance by his overly loving mother.

I believe that IDS both respects his father (as all good privileged families do) but harbours an enormous resentment towards him too for his father’s overbearing, almost bullying, attitude.  I further believe that IDS harboured violent thoughts towards his father that he took out on the victims of his own bullying.

IDS had a growing need to find an outlet for his bullying and, by now, violent nature which he found release by joining the army.  Having a successful military ancestor in his family tree to whom he showed great admiration during a recent interview meant that an army career was almost inevitable and necessary to get out the violent urges building up within him.

I don’t know much about his army career except that he was an officer, although at what rank he started his career I have no idea.  I also infer from his current vicious attacks on those most unable to fight back that IDS never actually saw any real active duty in the army so his violent and potentially murderous urges were left unsatisfied.  If he did see any active duty, it must have been far away from the front line to have allowed his urges to remain unsatisfied.  To be really harsh on him, I believe that IDS was probably the commanding officer of the team that dug the latrines taking into account his current obsession with male bovine faeces.

Thanks to his wife and his in-laws, IDS has never had to live in the real world and, therefore, lacks the capacity to empathise (if indeed he could show empathy at all) with the ‘ordinary’ person in the street and their day-to-day struggles

His over-inflated opinion of his own worth was made worse by becoming the Conservative Party leader during the Blair years.  He had, to his own mind, achieved the greatness that he was falsely led to believe he was meant to achieve by his mother; however, when he was ousted from that lofty position, IDS became incensed at the denial of his greatness by his followers.  Failing the test of greatness was a bitter pill for IDS to swallow and increased his need to find someone less powerful to bully to regain some of the power he had lost.  He went away in shame, still determined to prove his greatness to the world at whatever expense.  He formed the organisation that would be directly responsible for generating the horrific welfare ‘reforms’  currently decimating the most vulnerable people in society and all in the name of ‘social justice’.  The very thought that his organisation or welfare ‘reforms’ are socially just shows just how far removed from reality IDS really is.

IDS has shown with his constant lying to the DWP Select Committee and in the media, that he is totally incapable of telling the truth or admitting his mistakes, resulting in him hurling accusations at everyone beneath him in the DWP hierarchy for their mishandling of his policies.  It is safe to assume that IDS is neither intellectually capable of handling such a prestigious position or suited to work that requires a level of empathy that he cannot hope to attain.

I have offered a profile of IDS here as a source of entertainment with absolutely no research done to back up my assertions but simply inferring his upbringing from his current behaviour and will now offer an amateur diagnosis of the mental health conditions I believe he suffers from with some evidence for my choices.

I believe that Iain Duncan Smith is a psychopath with an extreme Narcissistic Personality Disorder, delusional thoughts and a major superiority complex.

Psychopathic traits include a lack of empathy with ‘ordinary’ people, an inability to admit one’s own mistakes and a pathological need to blame others for those mistakes.  I think I have already shown these traits to be present.

For my choice of Narcissistic Personality Disorder I quote the following information from Psych Central’s website:

In order for a person to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) they must meet five or more of the following symptoms:
  • Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
  • Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
  • Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
  • Requires excessive admiration
  • Has a very strong sense of entitlement, e.g., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
  • Is exploitative of others, e.g., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
  • Lacks empathy, e.g., is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
  • Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her
  • Regularly shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

I think I have proven my point with this choice of diagnosis, don’t you?  However, I will add one further reason for this diagnosis – despite being shown to be being incompetent in his handling of welfare reform and being asked to move out of his current position as head of the Department for Work and Pensions, IDS has refused to leave demonstrating a very strong sense of entitlement to the role he has been given.

My choice of delusional thoughts as a diagnosis stems both from the criteria for NPD and from his belief that his welfare ‘reforms’ are doing good despite evidence to the contrary.

My choice of a superiority complex as a diagnosis also stems from the criteria for NPD but also from his current behaviour as a whole.  No one who did not feel superior to everyone else could possibly have the gall to look down on the poor, sick and disabled with such contempt and would certainly have accepted their own mistakes.

As I have pointed out, this is an amateur psychological profile of IDS and an amateur diagnosis of his obvious mental health issues based purely on currently observable behaviour but it does seem to explain his personality.  This is meant for entertainment purposes only but it's very compelling, isn't it?

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