Saturday, 8 February 2014

Another letter to Number 10

Below is the full text of the letter I submitted to the Prime Minister’s Office via their website.  The length restriction of submitted letters is 1000 characters or less.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In reference to the letter dated 15 Jan 2014 from your PPS, Mr Mann, I would like to make clear, yet again, that the problem with Ms Doyle-Price is that she DOES NOT REPRESENT my views and REFUSES TO COMMUNICATE WITH ME.

I have evidence that strongly implies that Ms Doyle-Price has actually blocked my e-mail address to further compound her disgusting behaviour and can only suggest that she is a coward who cannot take criticism.  These are obviously not the kind of traits that a PUBLIC SERVANT should have.

I request, as there is no such body at the moment, that your administration set up an independent body to deal with complaints against errant MPs who refuse to engage with their constituents thus preventing them from engaging in the democratic process by holding their MP to account as is the democratic duty of every citizen.

I hope you will understand that I will not let this matter drop and will continue to pursue it until the matter is satisfactorily resolved.

This letter is in response to a letter I have not had the time to scan and upload yet but I will as soon as possible.

If I get any response, I’ll post it here.

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