Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Jackie Doyle-Price saga continues!

I received a communication from Jackie Doyle-Price a day or two ago, it is simply a postcard acknowledging my e-mails and stating that the contents of them have been noted.  I will upload a scan of the postcard here as soon as I can get it scanned.

She has got the dates wrong - 11 Sept (*9), 13, 14, 15 & 27 Sept - but it may be that my e-mail to Grant Shapps, Tory party chairman, has borne some fruit.  I may not have any answers yet but I am not giving up on getting those answers or getting JD-P to do her duty.

I have sent this reply to the postcard:

Dear Ms Doyle-Price,
Thank you for your postcard acknowledging my correspondence during September. 
Could you now actually supply some substantive answers to the questions I asked and comments and suggestions I made?
I also ask that you make a public apology in the Thurrock media for questioning my intelligence by sending me a copy of an Easy Read leaflet? And, please, don't try to make an apology that reflects negatively on me as I have done nothing wrong in corresponding with you or given you the slightest reason to believe I have learning difficulties. My e-mails were strongly worded and assertive but not rude or abusive; your reply, however, was rude, dismissive and showed a stigmatising attitude towards me as a person with a mental health condition.
My correspondence with yourself concerned asking for your opinions or actions only you could perform on my behalf so satisfy the conditions laid out in Page 4 of the leaflet you sent me. The correspondence was directed to you as you are my representative in Parliament and would, therefore, give you the opportunity to satisfy the condition laid out on Page 2 of the leaflet you sent - "Your MP is there to speak up for people in your area".
I look forward to your substantive reply to my enquiries in your next letter and an apology in the local Thurrock media as soon as can be arranged.
Kind regards,
Myles Cook

As always, any reply I get will appear here on this blog.

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