Tuesday, 1 October 2013

At least Grant Shapps acknowledges when you write to him

A few days ago I wrote to Grant Shapps, Tory party chairman, to complain about Jackie Doyle-Price.  I didn't expect any kind of reply for at least four working weeks if at all.  I hadn't expected an acknowledgement of receipt either as that is the treatment I get from Ms Doyle-Price so imagine my amazement when I received an acknowledgement of my correspondence from him yesterday.

Below is the full text of that acknowledgement.

Dear Myles,

Many thanks for your email. I just wanted to let you know that I've received it and will be getting back to you with a more detailed response shortly.

However, please note that my further response will come from my Conservative Party address rather than from my constituency email that you've initially used. Therefore if you have any email or spam filtering set up on your inbox then please ensure that any messages from chairman@conservatives.com are allowed through (or whitelisted).

If you wish to add any further notes, chase up or correspond on the subject further then please use chairman@conservatives.com.

Kind regards

The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP
Chairman of the Conservative Party 

Yes, I know it's probably an automated response but at least he had the manners and respect for correspondents to have an automated reply sent out.  Well done, Mr Shapps!  I may not agree with him on a lot of issues but at least I can respect him for a swift acknowledgement of my existence.

That, Ms Doyle-Price, is how you earn the respect of people who correspond with you.

I was so impressed by this I sent the following reply:

Dear Mr Shapps,

Thank you for your swift acknowledgment of my e-mail being such a busy man I didn't really expect an acknowledgment or any kind of response for at least a month. Ms Doyle-Price has never acknowledged receipt of any of my e-mails and takes a long time to answer them (if she answers them at all).

I noticed in the media that another Conservative MP, Eric Pickles, has also recently acted in a way which stigmatises people with mental health issues and I was wondering if MPs were given any mental health awareness training?

As part of the voluntary work I do, I occasionally give mental health awareness talks and would be willing to do so for small groups of MPs providing my travel expenses were covered.

Again, thank you for your speedy acknowledgment of my first e-mail and I look forward to your response in due course.

With kind regards and deepest respect,

Myles Cook

I will, as always, pass on any replies I get.

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