Sunday, 8 September 2013

The hibernation cycle returns

I've been so tired over the last week so I think my hibernation cycle has returned after a few weeks respite.  Of course, this time there is a reason behind it - I've been consumed by worry since my cat's last seizure just over a week ago.

I've been sleeping on the sofa with my cat every night whether I intended to or not.  I just fall asleep at the drop of a hat with Merlin laying against my leg so I can feel it if he starts to seize again.  I'm going barking mad with worry and tiredness.This isn't doing much for my depression but, as my previous postings this past few days have shown, it hasn't stopped me from wanting to put my local MP through the wringer.

Of course, the sleep I'm getting isn't of the best quality so it's beginning to tell on me.  There are the dizzy spells I've been having, the occasional lapses in concentration and the extended periods of blurry vision.  I've been sleeping throughout the day and night, extended naps during the day and the regular sleep you have at night.

It has had the effect of correcting my sleep cycle in the sense that I'm sleeping more at night now and waking up in the mornings without too much trouble, which I suppose is a good thing but how long that will last is another matter entirely.

Such are the woes of having depression - screwed up sleep with all the associated problems that brings.  It also brings with it totally true but boring blog posts such as this one.  Ah, mental health awareness at its finest.

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