Thursday, 5 September 2013

MPCA - E-mail to Jackie Doyle-Price

Below is the full uncut text of an e-mail I sent to Jackie Doyle-Price in response to her refusal to attend the MPCA I arranged for her.

 Dear Ms Doyle-Price,

I have just received a letter from you regarding the MPCA assessment I arranged for you to attend on 11 September.

I am disappointed that you have decided not to attend the assessment or support the campaign which is meant to be a learning exercise for MPs for them to understand the dehumanising and discriminatory assessment process that people with mental health issues are forced to endure.

It is important to point out at this juncture that failure to attend a WCA for a benefit claimant results in the severest sanctions including up to the complete loss of any welfare payments.  I have asked you to attend the MPCA for you to learn what it is like but you have refused.  Isn't it lucky that you will not receive any sanctions?

You should feel extremely ashamed of yourself for not undertaking a short learning exercise so you may empathise with the thousands of people you and your Government are putting through a discriminatory assessment which decides their fate and has been proved to be not fit-for-purpose for people with mental health issues.

Thousands of people are being put through a stressful assessment under the threat of sanctions and you feel that you are above standing up for them or even putting yourself through a slight inconvenience to show the smallest amount of empathy towards them despite the fact that you will not be sanctioned for non-attendance.

You have shown yourself to be a person of no moral fibre or conscience.


Myles Cook

I doubt it will even raise the slightest mote of emotion in the miserable Tory drone but it got it off my chest.

As always, I will post any reply I get from JD-P right here on this blog. 

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