Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Jackie Doyle-Price really is going to hate me

Below are two more e-mails I have sent to my local MP, Jackie Doyle-Price.  As always, I have sent them separately but have decided to post them here as one entry.

Dear Ms Doyle-Price

I have recently found out that during his presidency, John F Kennedy never collected his salary of $150,000 a year and that he donated the full amount to charity instead.

I was wondering if, as you are my representative in Parliament, you could make Mr Cameron aware of this fact and suggest, on my behalf and that of the entire electorate, that he does the same as he and JFK have a large personal fortune in common.

Perhaps you could even suggest that all members of the Cabinet and their Shadow opposites could do the same or even extend that to all Members of Parliament, seeing as how a lot of their day-to-day expenses are being claimed for from taxpayer revenue.

It only seems fair to ask this as “we’re all in this together”, as Mr Cameron puts it.

As always, looking forward to your reply.


Myles Cook

Dear Ms Doyle-Price,

I was wondering if you could give me your personal views on the so-called Bedroom Tax.  I already know what your party’s view on the matter is but I was really interested in your personal view. 

Are you in favour of the Bedroom Tax?

What are your reasons for your position?

If you are in favour of the Bedroom Tax, does the fact that your majority at the last election is less than the number of your constituency residents affected by the policy, change your personal view?  If not, does that mean that you are only in politics to serve a single term as public opinion on welfare seems to be favouring less harsh treatment of those on benefit?

As always, looking forward to your reply.


Myles Cook

As always, I will post any reply I get right here on this blog.

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