Thursday, 19 April 2012

It’s déjà vu all over again – Grays Riverside election running commentary part 2

I suppose I should not have been so surprised by the lack of candidates knocking at my door to convince me to vote for them.  There was a decidedly visible lack of any candidates last year, apart from the singular appearance of the Labour candidate.  I would have voted for her, if it had not been for my promise to weigh up all the candidates and vote for who I thought was the best…and I keep my promises.
What gets me is the unashamed arrogance of this year’s candidates.  If you wish to stand for office, it is your duty to go out and meet your potential constituents, not just put your name forward and arrogantly assume that everyone knows who you are, what you stand for and what you are going to do for your constituents.  Yes, the party you belong to does, in some way, give people some idea of your views but that is not enough.  Why should people vote for you?
I have said it before and I suppose I will have to say it again – democracy is not served when candidates refuse to make their case for being elected and, therefore, leave the electorate with no way to make an informed decision on who they should vote for.
It really is that simple.  Convince us with your passion, your determination, your views and your ambition or do not put yourself forward for office because all you are doing is wasting the electorate’s time.
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