Saturday, 14 April 2012

Grays Riverside local election running commentary

The first shots have been fired in the campaign to become one of the representatives for Grays Riverside Ward and the winner of the title of number one is the British National Party.  It is rather a weak attempt by the BNP candidate though.  It was not a personal conversation but a couple of leaflets shoved unceremoniously through my letterbox.  That is, however, not even the weakest part of the attempt.  That has to go to the fact that the leaflets did not say anything about the candidate’s intentions regarding local issues.  They were filled with what can only be considered national policy issues, which is hardly a fitting or appropriate set of literature for a local council election.  What residents need to know is what a candidate is going to do for the Ward they are standing for and the whole of Thurrock should they be elected, not what the party they belong to wants to do nationally.  This is exactly the kind of campaigning that I detest as it shows that the candidate is not thinking in a non-partisan way, the way that local politicians should.  It is the way it should work at national level too but I am a realist and know that is never going to happen.
So, all in all, a very weak start to an election race that looks like it will not get any better and there is not much time left to campaign either.
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