Thursday, 22 March 2012

Reply from Jackie Doyle-Price

A few weeks ago I sent an e-mail asking my MP, Jackie Doyle-Price, to call for the release of the risk report around the NHS reforms that are being pushed through.  The risk report goes into detail about how the reforms may negatively affect the NHS.  I promised that I would publish her reply on this blog and, although it is a little late due to the worries I had over my pet cat Merlin, here it finally is - the whole letter as a JPEG file (only my address has been removed).

I would have sent a response but I knew it would be falling on deaf ears.  The impact assessment that Doyle-Price refers to does not go into the depth one would need to make an accurate assessment of whether one should support the changes that have been proposed.

The NHS reforms have now been passed into law and the future now looks extremely bleak but I and others will continue to fight to save the NHS before the great reforming ConDem Coalition can do too much permanent damage.

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