Thursday, 8 June 2017

Tory junk mail

Here’s the full text of an e-mail I found in my Junk Mail folder this morning from my local Tory Parliamentary candidate.

Dear ,

There is just 1 day to go now until the General Election.

Theresa May called this election for one reason; to enable the Government to deliver Brexit. 

We want to deliver on the instruction given by the British people.  At the moment, we can’t.  The House of Lords will block all plans to leave the EU.  Labour, the SNP and the Liberal Democrats are all threatening to block any deal.  So Theresa May is asking for the strong endorsement of the public so she can lead us out of the European Union.

In truth, if the Conservatives lose just 6 seats, our majority is lost.  Thurrock is one of those six.  Put simply, if I do not win there is every chance that Theresa May will not win this election. So, if you want us to leave the European Union with the best possible deal for Britain there is only one way to cast your vote, and that is for me.

We have taken a historically significant decision and it is important that we get it right.  I hope we have been able to persuade you that Theresa May is best placed to lead Britain this time.

I have never been shy about asking for money from Government. Over the last seven years as your Member of Parliament I have secured:

£5m for Purfleet regeneration
£11m for Grays town centre
£100m for 2 new schools and 5 more on the way
£800k fund a training facility in Tilbury for service veterans
£100m for junction 30 improvements
£80m A13 road widening
£10m to support Gurkha veterans

I am only person who can raise Thurrock’s demands- directly with Theresa May, and the people that matter to get the best for Grays and the UK as we leave the EU.

The risk of Jeremy Corbyn leading the Government is too great - vote Conservative tomorrow and show your support at

Best Wishes

Jackie Doyle-Price
The Conservative Party Candidate

As you can see, Ms Doyle-Price’s campaign team didn’t even bother to fill in the salutation properly and to prove I’m not making this up, here’s a screen capture of the e-mail:

Here’s my reply:

Fuck off!

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