Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Tory knives are out and scapegoats have been chosen

It is in the Tory way to be sharpening knives to plunge into the back of a leader who has failed them but, at this time of impending delicate Brexit talks, it seems that from a strategic point of view to go after Theresa Mayhem in true Julius Caesar style violence would be to cause more instability in an already unstable situation.  New scapegoats have had to be found and, this time at least, the poor, sick and disabled can’t be blamed.

According to the BBC (and who else would know better than the Tory’s Biased Broadcasting Corporation), Theresa Mayhem was forced into sacking Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, two of her closest advisors, or face a leadership challenge.

This is, of course, the ‘official’ story.  I don’t believe for one minute that the Tories would mount a leadership challenge at this time as, if they do make the deal with the Democratic Unionist Party, on whatever basis it is, a leadership challenge would destabilise the party during Brexit negotiations.

The truth is closer to a scenario in which Theresa Mayhem wishes to pass the buck for the Tory failure to increase their majority or even maintain what they had so Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill were chosen as sacrificial lambs to placate the party and the UK’s Tory voters.  They go and carry the can for the significant failure in the General Election, leaving Theresa Mayhem’s hands clean of guilt.

It may well be true that Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill provided terrible advice with regards to holding a General Election in the first place and what should be in the Tory manifesto but the ultimate truth is…

And I don’t think your party will forget that beautiful truth and, when they do strike, their knives will be razor-sharp.

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