Friday, 12 May 2017

Why won’t the Thurrock Gazette publish my letter?

Below is the text of a letter I wrote to the Thurrock Gazette, my local news rag.  It followed a number of weeks in which my local MP not only had her own column but was given vital column space in the reader’s letters page.  I sent it on the 27th April and it was never published so I offer it here for your entertainment (and for my MP’s team of lackeys to read and report back to their paymaster as I know they are keen readers of my blog).

I have just read the reader's letters in this week's Gazette (27th April) and seen yet another letter from Jackie Doyle-Price.  I don't know how other readers feel but I think that this is outrageous as JD-P already has a regular rant column in your paper and she can make her views known in news items.

The reader's letters page should be for the voices that don't get heard in any other way, not just another avenue for JD-P to peddle her lies and excuses for failing the constituents she is supposed to represent.

I have been told in the past that the controlling interest in the newspaper group that owns the Thurrock Gazette is Right-wing politically (I was actually told Tory but one must be open minded on these things) so as JD-P is a Tory MP perhaps that’s the reason it hasn’t been published.  Where has freedom of speech gone in the UK?

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