Monday, 1 February 2016

A message for my regular readers

I’d like to thank the small but ferociously loyal band of regular readers for your continued support.  Your loyalty shows you to be extremely hardy and/or masochistic in character to be able to cope with what is a blog filled with pessimism and personal darkness and I find such an act of loyalty to be the only thing that gives any indication that the human race is redeemable.

Some blog writers seem to forget that the only thing that makes their efforts worthwhile are the readers who look up their inane drivel on a regular basis.  I would never make the mistake of thinking I’m better than my readers and, although I get a lot of passing trade, I’m happy enough with those who show character enough to forgive me the dark, pessimistic nature of my output and come back time and time again.

There are long gaps between entries sometimes and that stops me from being the wild and viral success I could be; however, my regulars keep me coming back because I know that there are some people out there who are willing to look at the world through my eyes for the experience and for the different viewpoint on life.

I’m really honoured that my small band of loyal readers is there and continue to be there no matter how dark I get.  I really do appreciate you all.


  1. Here for you... Keep up the good fight my friend :)

  2. Here for you... Keep up the good fight my friend :)