Friday, 10 April 2015

GE2015 - Follow-up letter to Polly Billington re: humane and sustainable farming

Here's the full text of my follow-up letter to Polly Billington, Labour candidate for MP of Thurrock regarding farming practices.

Dear Ms Billington,

Thank you for another comprehensive reply to my enquiry and, again, don’t worry about any delays in getting back to me.

I think the idea that Labour want the UK to be a world leader in food policy is an admirable one; however, policy is relatively easy compared to the financial aspects of the business of the agricultural industry.

Unfortunately we are living in an age of austerity and probably will be for many years to come, even under Labour’s plans to implement the cuts needed at a slower, less destructive pace to both the economy and the citizens of the UK and it worries me that to maintain a high profile in the international food market may still require the use of intensive farming processes that could jeopardise your attempts to limit the damage to the ecosystem in which we live and the animals therein.

To maintain productivity and remain competitive will surely take a great deal of investment in the UK’s agricultural industry, would a future Labour Government have the available investment capital whilst still being able to tackle the deficit?  And, if there is a plan Labour will be working to, is it actually achievable without causing drastic cuts elsewhere in government expenditure?  Can the high ideals of sustainable and humane farming practices be maintained and policed with what may amount to very little money to pay for an agricultural watchdog with the teeth to do the job properly?


Myles Cook

Any reply will be posted here.

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