Saturday, 8 March 2014

Three songs

I thought I’d post the following entry as a more positive piece than has been written of late.

The first audio track is a poem put to music by my Facebook friend, Anne Graham, whom I have never met in the real world but with whom I have created some nice songs.

Anne said that she liked working with my words and was not at all complimentary of her own lyrics. I came up with the lyrics for the second track specifically to show Anne that her lyrics were better than anything I could come up with and sent them to her the following day. Within two hours of receipt, Anne sent me a rough recording of this track. The recording below is a professionally recorded version.

The final track was a song I wrote that was to be a part of a musical very loosely based on our online songwriting partnership; unfortunately the musical became too hard for me to write.

The musical, Two Lives, was to be a tragedy about two people who suffer from their own demons and whose first meeting was to be when the female lead places flowers on the grave of the male lead following his suicide.

"Let Me Go" was the song to be sung by the male lead as he committed suicide. Anne's music took a depressing subject matter and treated it in a very sensitive way. Hopefully, one day, I'll get to collaborate with Anne again.

I hope you enjoy listening to the songs.

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  1. I know "Let Me Go" is quite hard to listen to, given that the subject is suicide, but I'd like to think that it's the song I'd like to play should I decide to try to end my life again.