Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nothing Left to Lose - a new poem

Nothing Left to Lose

My country slides towards a fascist State
Abandoning freedoms hard won in countless bloody wars
Slapping the faces of those who sacrificed their lives
To ensure a better future for those they left behind.
My country run by people who know nothing of real life
And who know nothing of sacrifice and sacrificed nothing themselves
Leaving a devastated population starving, impoverished
And with nothing left to lose.

I slide towards Oblivion, let the eternal darkness come
Losing gains I thought I’d made in personal little victories
Slapped in the face by those I thought respected me
Whilst trying to build myself a better life.
My progress ruined by people who think nothing of my life
In my despair, my enemies delight
I’ve nowhere left to go, no alternative route to choose
So I just wait for death to come because I’ve nothing left to lose.

© Myles Cook, 29/01/2014

This is a first draft and probably isn't very good as a result but does get some feelings about the current state of my country and recent events in my own life out of my head so it has served its purpose.

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