Friday, 20 December 2013

I hope Jackie Doyle-Price reads the Thurrock Gazette!

Below is the full text of my letter to the Thurrock Gazette about Jackie Doyle-Price entitled “Is Jackie Doyle-Price fit to be Thurrock’s MP?”

In recent months it has become increasingly apparent to me that Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price, is unfit to represent the electorate of her constituency.

Not only has Ms Doyle-Price shown a callous disregard for the damage her party’s policies are doing to the poor, sick and disabled of the country (as evidenced by her recent vote against the investigation into the rise in the use of food banks) but she also shirks her responsibility in representing the views of some of her constituents, myself being one of them. 

Ms Doyle-Price has refused to acknowledge receipt of my e-mails, has refused to provide any substantive answers to the points I raised and has been rude and dismissive stating that “I have no need for a pen friend”.  She has also shown herself to be offensive by sending an Easy Read leaflet on the role of an MP when it is clear from my correspondence to her that I am not suffering from any learning difficulty.  In fact, in a response to my request that she attend a debate on Mental Health in Parliament (when she was still responding, that is), she sent me the Hansard documentation of the debate which contained every word spoken in the debate but did not provide me with the information of why she did not attend.

Ms Doyle-Price does not represent the people of Thurrock in the way that they deserve to be represented and, in fact, only represents a dismal 21.7% of the entire electorate of Thurrock.  She should represent the views of her constituents, without fear or favour, even if she disagrees with them and she should engage with her constituents in whatever way they wish to contact her, providing substantive answers or other adequate and appropriate responses.

It is the duty of every citizen to engage in the democratic process by contacting their MP on issues that concern them and to hold their MP to account for their voting record and actions in office.

It is the duty of every MP to represent the views of the people they represent and to allow themselves to be held to account by those same people.  Jackie Doyle-Price fails to adhere to her duty in almost every respect.

Myles Cook, Argent Street, Grays.

I included a postscript that invited the Gazette to contact me if they wished to view the correspondence between JD-P and myself but have decided that I would not post it here as it has my contact number in it and it is not part of the main letter.

If it gets printed in next week’s edition and I get any responses, I’ll post the responses here.

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