Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Game of Shadows – Defending Jackie Doyle-Price

As regular readers will be aware, I am in the middle of a shadowy game with an unknown opponent who had the brass neck to ensure that I was visited by members of Essex Police with regards to the state of my mental health.  I have been unable to ascertain who my opponent is so far, as has been covered in my previous postings on this subject, but I am continuing my own investigation into who the culprit might be and why, given there is no other reason for their actions, they are trying to discredit me by using the police visit to question my mental state.

I do have my suspicions about the identity of my opponent and so have some of the people I know; in fact, it is to address the suspicions of my friends and acquaintances who have sent me e-mails offering their theories that I am writing this blog posting.

I would like to say categorically that I do not believe that Jackie Doyle-Price or one of her staff on her orders arranged for the police to visit me in an effort to discredit me. 

Yes, I am making waves due to her attitude towards her duty as my representative in Parliament, having sent e-mails of complaint to Grant Shapps, the Conservative Party Chairman, and recently to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and David Cameron, Prime Minister and Conservative Party Leader.  Yes, I have also sent an e-mail to neighbouring MP and Conservative Party colleague, Stephen Metcalfe, to try and resolve the situation around Ms Doyle-Price’s dismissive attitude to my correspondence.

I would like to reiterate, however, that I, in no way, believe that Jackie Doyle-Price or one of her staff on her orders arranged for the police to visit me in an effort to discredit me.  I would also not say that Jackie Doyle-Price or one of her staff on her orders wasted police time on a personal vendetta against me.

Yes, the visit from the police did happen a few days after Ross Archer, Jackie Doyle-Price’s Parliamentary researcher, checked out my profile page on LinkedIn but I’m sure that this is merely a coincidence.  I would never say that Jackie Doyle-Price has had Mr Archer research me to find a way of discrediting me and I would like my friends and acquaintances who have put forward that ridiculous theory based on a couple of pieces of tenuous circumstantial evidence to stop thinking such nasty things about Ms Doyle-Price.

Yes, Ms Doyle-Price and I have a very strained relationship.  Yes, I think that Ms Doyle-Price is a Tory drone without a thought in her head that is not planted there by Conservative Party Central Office.  Yes, I find Ms Doyle-Price an arrogant, self-serving, miserable, dismissive, discriminatory, stigmatising old crone who does not do her duty in representing the views of all of her constituents without fear of favour regardless of their political affiliation.

I could never believe that Jackie Doyle-Price has a personal vendetta against me and has tried to discredit me just because I am an assertive member of her constituency who wishes to engage with the democratic process which is my duty as a citizen.

So please, I ask you not to make such accusations against Ms Doyle-Price.

Thank you.

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