Thursday, 6 June 2013

Registering my disappointment with my MP

Here's the full text of a letter I've sent my MP, Jackie Doyle-Price.

I’m extremely unhappy, but not at all surprised, with how you voted on Tim Yeo’s amendments to the Energy Bill in parliament on Tuesday. You chose to vote them down, and to stick by dirty fossil fuels over committing to a cleaner energy future now. You’ve made a mockery of the ‘greenest government ever’ tagline, and of your constituents’ views. Once again, I’d like to express my sincere disappointment in your decision.

You made a great deal of sending out an unsolicited e-mail to me on subjects you obviously thought I might care about but you never support or represent my views on any subjects I have previously e-mailed you on. Your standard response is that you don't personally believe in or support my views. What you fail to remember is that your job is to represent the views of your constituents - ALL OF THEM; what you tend to do, however, is vote with your party and take opposing views from your constituents with total disdain. I have even heard of some abusive and judgemental replies you have made to other constituents you supposedly represent.

As this e-mail began, I am disappointed by your decision to vote against the proposal but as I added, I also find myself unsurprised.

I'll post any response I get here.

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