Saturday, 29 June 2013

Another interesting Facebook status

Here's the full text of a Facebook status from a group I follow called Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants.

Conservatives want to recycle benefit fraud myths -

Ask this question, who are the real scroungers in society ? ANSWER - corporations & those who commit TAX FRAUD !

Nearly £25 billion pound - is removed from benefit claimants due to benefit sanctions etc - compare this to the Department for Work and Pensions - DWP figures showing just over £1bn was lost to benefit fraud - and another £20 billion UNCLAIMED by claimants.

More information : .

The £25 billion pound that is removed from benefit claimants, due to benefit sanctions is legalised theft - that money belongs to benefit claimants !

Welfare payouts totalling £20 billion a year are going unclaimed by members of the public - almost 12 times the amount lost through fraud.

Ministers have long tried to keep the spotlight on a small number of fraudsters rather than ensuring that people entitled to support receive it.

The amount of benefit going unclaimed has risen to 'alarming levels' as benefit claimants become increasingly confused over the wide array forms needed to claim benefits & information required.

Average Cost Of Local Authority Benefit Fraud Per Case: £2,166.

Average Cost Of Tax Avoidance Per Case: £248,780

The astonishing average £248,780 cost of each tax avoidance case identified as outstanding at HM Revenue and Customs by the National Audit Office should be benchmarked for comparison. The total outstanding is nearly £15 billion.

So I’ve compared it with the average cost of each local authority housing and council tax fraud case identified in a report by the Audit Commission, also published this month. They found fraud of £117 million spread over 54,000 cases in 2011/12. That’s an average cost of £2,166 each. I suspect that is typical of all benefit frauds.

Now which one of those two requires more attention and publicity, do you think?

So why do we always hear about benefit fraud??

Interesting points, don't you think?

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