Monday, 10 December 2012

A Christmas poem

Here's a poem I wrote that highlights the fact that Christmas is not always the happy time of year for some people that it is for others.

Christmas Alone

No tinsel, no tree
Just myself and me
No family feast just a boil-in-the-bag dinner
It’s only my meds that stop me getting thinner
As their side effect keeps making me eat
I swear I’m putting weight on my feet.

No family, not a friend
At least there are no Christmas stockings to mend
No wife and no lover
To snuggle under a cover
Watching crap Christmas telly
While her hand’s on my belly.

No joy, no fire
No passionate Christmas desire
No child telling me what Santa had brought
Just me in my bed nursing the cold that I caught
Watching my temperature getting higher and higher
Wondering if I should go out and change that flat tyre.

No reason for me to decorate
This holiday I really hate
Except that the roads are almost vehicle-free
Christmas is just another ordinary day to me
I can’t wait for this Christmas to end
Before all my garments I rend.

© Myles Cook, 11/12/08

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