Saturday, 22 September 2012

A weird turn of events

The most weird thing happened to me recently – I became a ‘professional’ (for want of a better word), although still unpaid, journalist with a news item I wrote regarding the presentation of a report to Thurrock Council’s Audit Committee being posted on the Your Thurrock website.  I got my own ‘by line’ and everything.

I have to admit that it was not my best work but due to the over running of the meeting, there was not a lot for me to write about.  I am, however, rather chuffed that my ‘boss’ thought it worthwhile posting at all.  I also have to admit that it was not my first ‘by line’ as such but it was the first one that was for a purely news piece.  My blog on Your Thurrock means a lot to me and to see my name on the site makes me feel a little pride but it is really just me putting my opinion across whilst annoying as many people as possible.  Having a ‘straight’ news item posted makes me feel more like a ‘proper’ journalist.  Not bad for a man with no journalistic qualifications and is merely an enthusiastic amateur.  I have to say that that single posting has done more for my self-esteem than anything has in recent memory.  It is a kind of ‘professional’ validation, even if it was only posted because it was needed to fill up space on the Your Thurrock website.

That said, however, I am a little upset that I was not able to provide a more riveting read.  The piece did not exactly contain any revelations or ‘big break’ moments and, in that respect, my regular blog column is more fulfilling as it provokes debate, polarises the public into their political camps and I am either liked or loathed based on what I wrote.  My critics love to hate me and hurl accusations of me being a left-wing supporter.  And I love it!  Quite frankly, I do not care whether people like me personally or not and the back and forth of insults and accusations between my critics and myself gives me a little thrill.  I also like making people think about things in a different way, whether they end up agreeing with me or totally disagree.

I do not know whether I will ever be asked to cover another news story in the future, all I know is that it was nice to be asked this time and to have my efforts rewarded with my first ‘professional’ ‘by line’.  It is something I can add to my portfolio of work so I will take it for the gift it is and dream of future offers.

Until next time...

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