Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New poem

I awaken into darkness
The odour of stale sweat and bitterness
Assaults my nasal passages
The taste of bile and self-loathing
Fills my mouth, sandpaper rough
Arid and dry as a desert
Eyelids, heavy as lead, open slowly
Revealing glassy, blood-shot eyeballs
As I look in the mirror
Sickened by what I see looking back at me
Dark ringed eyes with the dried traces
Of salty tears cried before bedtime
A man haunted by himself
And his attendant demons
Repulsed by the air of failure
Emanating from my hideous corpulence
And lacking the energy to even try
To set foot outside the house
Unwilling to face the condemnation
I see in the eyes of the strangers I pass
Struggling to cope with the waking hours
Empty, lonely and misery-laden
Just another day like all the others
In my pointless hollow existence
In my own private Hell.

© Valen (Myles Cook), 21/02/2012

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