Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Enlightenment Project mission statement in poem form

The Alchemist
My feet are firmly set on the path to transformation
Discarded are the hopes and dreams of the past
Torn asunder by the hands of Fate and circumstance
I place that which I am in the crucible
To sear from my soul all that is diseased
And the madness burned from my mind
Spiritually cleansed of the negativity of existence
I emerge from the crucible renewed, unburdened.

I ask none to follow me, save those who seek transformation
Souls who cry out for a better way to think, to live, to dream
Transfiguration of Reality’s essence in totality
The only blessed outcome the Rangers must conceive
The crucible is waiting for its thrice-doomed load
To bring about the ultimate rebirth of humanity’s edifice
A society purged of Mankind’s corruption
Fresh from the transforming flames.

© Valen (Myles Cook), 04/02/2012

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