Friday, 13 January 2012

What is The Enlightenment Project?

So, what is The Enlightenment Project? 
Put simply, the project is going to be a group of amateurs who will look at various aspects of today’s society – politics, economics, etc. – with a view to working out the problems with which we are faced.  The idea is for The Enlightenment Project to completely change the way that we face our problems and solve them in a way which is in the best interests of everyone and not just the privileged few.
The group who look at politics, for example, will look at the political ideologies that form the basis of the political parties but without the muddying influences of party politics.  Looking at the various ideologies, the group will then take the best aspects of all of them and seek to find a way to combine them into a new, fresh approach to politics which will then be used as the basis for a new political movement.  If successful, the resultant movement will be in a position to mould the political landscape for the betterment of the entire population.  The group looking into economics will have a similar function and so on.
The Enlightenment Project will not just look at politics, economics, etc., though.  There will be groups within the project looking at alternative energy production, the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, art, the sciences, literature, philosophy and the so-called heretical sciences as well.  Each group will look at finding new perspectives in their chosen subject whilst writing papers on their deliberations for publication in a project magazine that will be considered as a beginner’s guide to everything, a place for debate and argument on the various subjects.
It is time for the human race to look at society, culture, the Universe and ourselves with a critical eye and the willingness to have an open mind.  We have to find new ways to solve our problems or we will be destroyed by them.  The Enlightenment Project is a step towards a better way of thinking, without the blinkered view of the so-called ‘experts’.  The members of the project will allow themselves to be guided by the teachings of a wide variety of experts but not to the point that they will be unable to create a synthesis of those teachings in a new and vibrant world view.
I hope some of you will join me in this work.
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  1. I am interested in politics and economics.
    I think starting a political party has long been in store for Thurrock on a local level and also national. it has now got to the stage where Thurrock was and even national governments are NOC's (No overall control). Britain needs clear decisions and a clear direction that the people want to go in. whatever happened to politics by the people for the people. We need a new Neo-liberal social society with neo-conservative, Law and order. We need to take the best bits around the world and put them into a UK political party that CAN make Britain Great once more.
    Theirs so much more to say.... and so much the people reading this can do.