Friday, 12 November 2010

There's No 'Me' Left

Here's a poem I wrote last night.  It's probably not very good but here it is anyway.

There’s no me left
Just a procession of transitory roles
That I adopt to fit in
A friend to one
A counsellor to another
A wise man or a fool
Nothing but a human chameleon
There are many Is in my life but
There’s no me left.

There’s no me left
Me got lost in the shuffle
I traded me for disposable facades
To be a part of a normal life
That me could never be a part of
I can be fun to be with
A jester or a fool
But the corrosion of life worked away inside until
There’s no me left.

There’s no me left
I’m defined by the company I’m in
A hollow man without a soul
Superficially alive but merely existing
Awaiting each real soul
To define what I should be
Then just as quickly losing it
And I begin to realise that
There’s no me left.

© Myles Cook, 12/11/2010

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