Thursday, 11 November 2010

Stupid TV game shows

Well, we finally have proof that we are sliding down the evolutionary tree faster than ever with the new game show Heads or Tails on Channel 5.  Could there be a more pathetic waste of air time?  What next, I wonder?  Guess which hand it's in?

The TV game show is the perfect indicator for how the public has become so obsessed with getting their fifteen minutes of fame and grabbing easy money.  Big Brother started out as a psychological/socialogical experiment and ended up as a breeding ground for a huge number of wannabes who paraded their ignorance and outrageous behaviour in order to win over the gullible public so they could grasp the large cash prize and their chance of a career in the media.  Deal or No Deal represented yet another low point with its collection of contestants treating a game of chance as a test of skill (as if skill really has anything to do with it) and all the fake camaraderie.  The Colour of Money is another game show that is a simple game of chance dressed up to look like a test of skill although it is a good test of how money-grabbing you happen to be.  Golden Balls, another game of chance, also shows how duplicitous the public can really be when there's the possibility of easy money going begging.

Well, to just throw some ideas out there, here are a couple of suggestions for game shows.  They are only meant as a joke but watch out for them on the TV soon.

The Answer is Two:  A game show that has questions that all have two as an answer (such as "Fill in the missing number in the following sequence: 1, _, 3, 4, 5, 6" or "How many apples in a pair?".  There can be a number of possible answers to choose from and a long drawn-out pause between the contestant giving the answer and the host revealing whether they are correct or not.  Of course, there can be an intellectual version with harder questions such as "What is the answer if you take the number of manifestations of God from the New Testament and take away one?"

I'm Thinking of a Number:  The host thinks of a number between 1 and 10.  If the contestant guesses correctly they can go on to higher and higher prizes.  Of course, to keep it within the intellectual ability of most game show contestants, choice will have to be really easy such as "I'm thinking of a number between 5 and 7". 

Of course, if either of these shows makes it onto our TV screens I will have to blow up the offending TV station(s).

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