Tuesday, 23 November 2010


I think that in doing everything I have done in the past couple of years to raise awareness of mental health problems has kind of backfired on me.  It is true that I have had some modest success in my efforts but it has come at a terrible cost to myself.

As you may or may not be aware, there is a great deal of stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues that can affect both your chances of getting a partner or getting a job if they find out about your particular problem although there are supposed to be safeguards to help you with regards to employment (in the UK, at least).  The Disability Discrimination Act was widened to accommodate mental health problems so that people so afflicted would not be discriminated against when trying to find work among other things.  The DDA, however, does not really offer the protection it was meant to offer as a prospective employer just needs to find another reason not to employ you, such as "someone with a bit more experience came along" or "another applicant was better qualified for the post".

The problem I now face is that, because I have done some relatively high profile events in Thurrock, all someone has to do is Google my name and they will be graced with video clips and blogs that shout out "I have a mental health problem".  How then am I supposed to get a job?  The same problem applies to trying to get a date so I am really beginning to regret having started all of this, especially as the funding for the Forum I chair is stopping at the end of March which doesn't really matter as the organisation that is supposed to be providing the support has withdrawn that support resulting in the Forum being completely paralysed and unable to function anyway.

As everything that I have tried to build up falls down around me I am left with nothing and no hope of finding a job or that special someone to spend my life with.  I am, therefore, really regretting starting all this.

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