Sunday, 9 July 2017

A letter to the Thurrock Gazette - Mental Health Services Are Doomed

I usually wait until the Thurrock Gazette either publishes my letter so I can include the usually edited version as a screen grab or, when they don’t publish it, the letter gets a viewing but this time I’m just posting it here now because the Thurrock Gazette haven’t been printing my letters and because Jackie Doyle-Price’s minions read my blog so it’ll get back to her one way or the other.

Jackie Doyle-Price has been made Minister for Care and Mental Health which means that mental health services are doomed given her attitude to people with mental health issues in the past.  It’s like hiring a paedophile to look after children – the worst thing you could do.

I arranged an appointment for JD-P to attend a MP Work Capability Assessment as part of a campaign by mental health organisations designed to show how unfit-for-purpose the WCA was for mental health sufferers.  She refused to attend.

I asked her to attend the debate on mental health in Parliament.  She didn't attend.

In neither case did she say that she had other work on that particular date.  She just didn't care (even though she had the option of rescheduling the MP WCA if the appointment coincided with something else she had to do).

Despite send her well-written, strongly worded but respectful letters, she decided to send me an Easy Read leaflet telling me what an MP does and highlighted what she thought were relevant sections that backed up her case for her inaction but, in fact, did the opposite.  I have mental health issues but I'm not stupid or have any learning difficulties so she obviously sent that leaflet as an attack on my intelligence, revealing her own discriminatory views on people with mental health problems and her own stupidity in the process.

As she now has responsibility for mental health services, the people who rely on them are screwed.

If it gets published I will post the screen grab here and will post any replies that I get from any other readers of the Thurrock Gazette.

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