Friday, 17 February 2017

Yet another letter to the Thurrock Gazette

I understand that there has to be some level of editing of letters for publication but did they really have to cut out the best part of the letter I sent them?  And, most annoyingly, they printed the word "Government" instead of what I put which was 'government' (a mark of disdain against this bunch of undemocratic, divisive morons).

Here’s the printed version followed by the unedited version…

How coincidental it seems that now we have a Tory administration running Thurrock Council the Tory 'government' suddenly finds £40m of funding down the back of the sofa to spruce up Grays Town Centre.  For a 'government' that keeps pleading poverty in order to make savage cuts to vital services and equally vital welfare payments to the sick and disabled to then find this money smacks of bribery – keep voting for us and see what we can do.

While I agree that Grays Town Centre needs improving, don’t you think that we should have better priorities at the moment?  I mean £40m could certainly help in sorting out the problems with Social Care that our beloved Tory ‘government’ has caused with its austerity agenda.

It was nauseating to see the photo of Jackie Doyle-Price and Cllr Rob Gledhill standing by the level crossing with big smiles on their faces as they bare-facedly bribe the electorate of Thurrock on what is basically a publicity stunt to misdirect their attention away from more urgent matters.

It seems that the real message is ‘look at the shiny, shiny’ whilst people’s lives suffer behind closed doors because they aren’t getting the level of service they deserve.

Shame on anyone who falls for this shameless bribery.

Myles Cook, Argent Street, Grays

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