Sunday, 13 December 2015

The problem with the Syria/ISIS debate

There has been much debate over the last few weeks over whether the UK should have sent bombers to Syria to take out areas under the control of ISIS and that debate has, obviously, been divided between the pro-bombing and the anti-bombing camps.  The decision was made by a majority of Members of Parliament to send in the bombers on the premise that some of the bombs may actually his a member of ISIS and not several innocent bystanders.

The problem with the debate, I believe, was that it largely surrounded the greater or lesser use of Irrational Criteria (IC).

Jeremy Corbyn tried to stop the UK going into an unwinable war in the Middle East by wanting to use rational and less violent means or, to put it another way, used an argument that was less on IC.

Unfortunately, David Cameron managed to scare a majority of MPs into voting for war in Syria by using much more knee jerk emotional and irrational arguments or, to put it another way, used a more on IC case and people fell for his half-lies.

I have always known that Cameron was more-on-IC but now it seems that a great deal more MPs are more-on-IC than any of us could have thought.

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