Thursday, 3 December 2015

Another letter to the Thurrock Gazette

I recently sent another letter to the Thurrock Gazette - this time in response to my local MP's blog about her reasons for wanting to bomb Syria.  I knew that the full letter would have cuts for length and edits for some colourful descriptives of certain people so below I include my original letter and the version that found itself in this week's Gazette.

Why am I not surprised that Jackie Doyle-Price wants to bomb Syria?  There are three very good reasons for her wanting to do so.

1) She has so much blood on her hands with supporting the cuts to welfare that have so decimated the poor, sick and disabled members of UK society, forcing them into such dire straits that they either commit suicide or simply die, that a little extra blood hardly seems to matter.

2) David Cameron, a sabre-rattling warmonger, wants HIS war.  Maggie had the Falklands which boosted her popularity in the eyes of the Great British public.  Blair had Iraq, an illegal war to be sure and one for which he will, hopefully, be brought to justice for taking the UK into under false pretences, but it was his opportunity to show himself to be a true leader, blood-thirsty and deceitful but a leader nonetheless.  If poor Cameron doesn’t get HIS war, he’ll throw a hissy fit.

And finally, 3) being a mindless Tory automaton, she has no thoughts other than those she is given by her leader and because Cameron wants to bomb Syria, so does she.

Of course, if any of the pro-Syria bombing proponents actually thought for a single moment, they would realise that every time the UK bombs somewhere in the Middle East, we increase the number of people who buy into the idea of hating this country as being a valid ideology.  If Doyle-Price and her controllers have their way, the UK will have earned itself hundreds, if not thousands, of new enemies and probably given a few more UK citizens a reason to radicalise.

There was me thinking that the Armed Services were there to defend the country rather than make new enemies but I suppose that’s a na├»ve view in a UK controlled by people with fewer principles than a serial killer on a killing spree.

I'm actually surprised at some of the stuff that did make it into the cut but I suppose they were left otherwise there would have been some empty space left.


  1. You know your talents are going to waste. you should be a newspaper editor.

    1. Thanks for the endorsement, Anthony. Pity there isn't a job attached because no one else would offer me one.