Monday, 12 May 2014

Monday 12th May 2014 – additional

After a long and ultimately pointless ‘discussion’ with Sue ‘Kitty’ Jones about my diary entry for Saturday 10th May, she seems to flounced off in a huff for me even mentioning the original debate we had that had me blocked from the Facebook group we were having it in.

She accused me of attacking her in the group and that’s why I was blocked from the supposedly ‘open’ group.  She accused me of singling her out, totally ignoring the fact that she was the one most involved in the debate that raged in the group so it’s a little difficult to bring any other people into the diary entry I wrote.  There was a guy called Glen but, as he merely echoed what Ms Jones was saying and as he barely had any input into the debate other than echoing Ms Jones, it’s hard to say much about him.  She accused me of attacking other group members but there was only one other main contributor to the debate and that was Glen.

During the contretemps on this blog’s diary entry for Saturday 10th, I even apologised for saying it was her that blocked me on the Facebook group but added the caveat that it wasn’t much of a leap to assume it was her because of the fact that it was during our debate that it happened so it must have been her or someone did it at her behest.

Poor old Ms Jones can’t see what I’m trying to achieve with my new blog – the chance at creating a new political system that might solve society’s problems rather than perpetuate them.  All she can see is someone who seems to be attacking her precious Labour party even though I wasn’t because I am sympathetic to some Socialist ideals, just not to the point that blinds me to their obvious faults.

I hope Ms Jones goes back to her blog and continues to fight the good fight against the current Tory-led Coalition Government because, in her own way, she’s doing a good thing in trying to get rid of them; however, I hope she leaves me and those who want to rid the UK’s political system of tribalism alone because all she will do is damage our attempts to create a better way forward with her ‘Labour is good, Labour is the only way’ attitude.

I have no doubt that she will try to bad mouth me on her blog and she’s welcome to do so because I believe in freedom of speech which is why her comments on the diary entry for Saturday 10th will remain on the entry as will my replies.  At least I’m not afraid of other people’s views.

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