Friday, 9 May 2014

Friday 9th May 2014

I feel sick.

I received an e-mail offering me a job yesterday and last night I was given enough proof to convince me that the whole thing is a fake.  Oh the website looks OK and they put across some very good reasons why I should take the job...but the company uses practices that seem a little off to me and it also appears on a scam warning website as being reported for fraud.

The job seemed a little too good to be true anyway but this has really upset me because it would have meant financial security for me with a healthy income and working hours that were short enough for me to be able to continue to pursue my personal interests.

I suppose I should have expected this kind of thing when I uploaded my CV to a number of job search websites but I was foolish to think that, if I did everything I could to show I’m trying to everything I could to get a job, I might actually get genuine job offers.  However, what has happened is I have become more depressed because of the lack of jobs I am either qualified/have enough experience in or are close enough for me to get to because of the lack of funds for travel.

The only high spot from yesterday was the fact that I started a new blog called Voice of the Resistance with an entry acting as a call to arms for the citizens of the UK to try to bring about the removal of the current Government and the institution of radical political change.  It is both gratifying and depressing that the first posting on that blog actually got more views in one day than the last four postings on this blog have in total.  It means that people are prepared to read my work and like it, judging from the comments I have received on Facebook, but that this blog is left unread by all but a loyal few.

Perhaps this is an indication that mental health is still too taboo a subject for people to want to engage with.  I know this blog happens to be rather downbeat but that’s the nature of a blog about my personal experiences of suffering with depression.  I cover other topics too but it seems that no one is willing to read them even when I go to great pains to re-post links to the entries.

If anyone’s interested in reading my new blog, you can find it here:

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