Friday, 2 May 2014

Friday 2nd May 2014

In the past week I have done what I have been able to find work but there isn’t a lot around that I am 1) qualified for, 2) have experience in, or 3) is in walking distance of home as I don’t have any money for fares.

Last Friday I put in my CV for two part-time jobs at Lakeside Shopping Centre but haven’t heard anything yet.  A couple of days ago I joined three job search websites and uploaded a new version of my CV for prospective employers to look at as well as applying for a job with my local council.  Yesterday I put my CV in for work as a potential tutor at the temporary campus in my town as I was told the day before that they were looking for tutors for the Functional Skills courses by someone who works there.  I’m not sure if the person on the other end of the phone said something funny to the receptionist or not but she laughed as she was looking at me so I’m assuming that I won’t get anything there despite having a higher qualification than some of the teaching assistants they were approaching to fill the shortfall in candidates for the tutor jobs.

I’m feeling quite depressed about the whole thing as I’ve been receiving ‘Jobs By E-Mail’ search results to my inbox but there’s nothing that’s applicable for me because they are either too far away (and not just a bus ride either but the other end of the country) or I don’t have the required qualifications or experience.

I suppose I could go back to writing for Your Thurrock but, as I don’t get paid for it, what's the point?

I received a very upsetting phone call from someone at the university I did some lecturing at and that has just pushed me closer to the brink I was only just pulled back from a couple of weeks ago.  Perhaps I should have just given up despite the hope that brought me back from the brink.  All I know is that I’m just two steps away from the Abyss again.

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