Monday, 3 March 2014

Time for a rest, I think

I will be continuing my four part series on my descent into depression in a few days but I thought I'd let the one or two readers that I have so that you don't start worrying that I've given up on it.

Although the account I have published on here probably doesn't come across as particularly traumatising, I can assure you that what I am experiencing at the moment is very traumatic.  It has taken a lot out of me trying to dredge up memories that I would rather leave buried and only occasionally haunted by.  I was, in fact, in tears as I wrote the second part of the series as I remembered the period of my Grandma's final two years and the accompanying feelings of helplessness, loss and self-loathing that were brought to the surface.

It may be true that the last two parts of the series are much less personally traumatic for me to recall but they also bring up personal issues that are still rather raw for me.  As a result of this foreknowledge, I have decided to give myself a couple of days rest to prepare myself for the writing of the last half of the story and to get over the feelings brought up by the writing of the first half.  I hope you will bear with me and will keep an eye out for the continuation of my story.

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