Monday, 3 March 2014

These are the things - a new poem

These are the things

The softness of your lips on my cheek
The sweet aroma of your presence
Your gentle hands caressing my face
These are the things I miss
Now that you have gone.

Your compassion in times of distress
The way your smile could lift me up
The strength that you possessed when I was weak
These are the things I lost
When you walked away.

You could not stand to see
The man I had become
Hard hearted, distant, a demon
These are the things that defined me
As Life took it terrible toll.

The passion that burned in my heart
Froze almost over night
Extinguished by the coldness of your rejection
These are the things I regret
And the things I cannot change.

The haunted look I saw in your eyes
On the very last day together
Mirrored the look in my own
These are the things I remember
The images that haunt my soul.

We spent those final hours together
Trying to make sense of what went wrong
A post mortem of our deceased relationship
These are the things I can't forget
The final remembrance of love.

© Myles Cook, 03/03/2014

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