Sunday, 9 March 2014

Some poetry readings

I have decided to record myself reading some of my poems although I hope you’ll forgive the quality of both the recording and of the actual reading.  I will never be as good at performing my work as I am writing it but I thought it might be a nice gesture on my part to allow my regular readers a chance to hear me delivering my own work for a change.

The first poem is Alchemy, a poem I wrote about the daughter I always wanted but will never have the opportunity to have.

The second poem is Forever Child, which is a poem I wrote about what I think is one of the tragedies of modern life – the loss of innocence and hope.

The third poem is I Hear You Call Me Name, a slightly more upbeat poem I wrote about my wife who has always been there for me even though our marriage didn’t work out.

The fourth poem is Torn, a poem I wrote about the dual nature of my personality and the internal conflict I suffer with every day of my life.

The fifth poem is an extended poem version of the song Let Me Go.  When my friend Anne was putting the poem to music she didn’t notice the final few lines as they had ended up on the next page but that does mean I got two products out of the single piece of work.

The final poem is Two Lives and would have formed the lyrics for the final song in the musical of the same name I was hoping to write.  There would have been some work needed on the lyrics and possibly some more lines added but it stands up as it is.

I hope you enjoy the readings.

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