Thursday, 6 February 2014

You can’t hide your underhanded ways, Jackie!

For quite a while now I have been under the impression that my local MP, Jackie Doyle-Price, has been blocking my e-mail address at her end so that she could ignore the issues I have tried to raise with her.  Of course, it was only a supposition on my part as I had no evidence so I decided to get some.  The following blog entry contains evidence that strongly implies that I was correct in my assertion that JD-P as blocked my e-mail accounts.

On 30th January, I sent JD-P an e-mail entitled “Notification of Peaceful, Lawful Rebellion” from my Hotmail account and, as I assumed it was being blocked, my Gmail account as well.  The full text is reproduced below together with photos of the e-mails as sent from both e-mail accounts.

To Ms Doyle-Price,

As you may already be aware, on June 10th 2014 her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be notified of our intention to embark on our peaceful, lawful rebellion, as is our right under Article 61, Magna Carta 1215, against her unjust and increasingly oppressive government.

We will take this action because successive governments have conspired with others to perform acts of treason against our sovereign state which have:
Undermined our sovereignty.
Undermined our democracy.
Eroded our civil liberties.
Denied our access to due process of law.

It is believed that governments, ministers and MPs of all political “parties” no longer work for those who entrust them with office but instead work on behalf of their corporate, financial and individual sponsors and are motivated only by greed.

It is our intention to ensure that:
Sovereignty is restored
“Party” politics is replaced with democracy
Civil liberties are reinstated
Due process of law is guaranteed.

Please feel free to pass on this information to whomever you believe needs sight of it.

Yours sincerely

Myles Cook

PS - I tried sending this letter through but was having trouble working out if it had actually been sent so I apologise if you receive multiple copies of this letter.

 The following altered postscript was used on the version sent from my Gmail account:

PS - I tried sending this letter through but was having trouble working out if it had actually been sent and I did not receive an automated acknowledgment or "bounceback" for my Hotmail dispatch so I apologise if you receive multiple copies of this letter.

As I have not received ‘bounce back’ automatic acknowledgements to my e-mails from my Hotmail account in a very long time, imagine my surprise when I received a ‘bounce back’ to my Gmail account as can be seen in the photo below.

I thought, being the nice chap I am, that this could be an indication that there is a problem with getting ‘bounce backs’ that just happened to affect my Hotmail account so, when I received a postcard acknowledging receipt of my letter, I decided to send a nice acknowledgement of my own about the postcard back to JD-P using my Gmail account.  The full text is reproduced below together with a photo of the e-mail as sent.

Dear Ms Doyle-Price,

Thank you for your acknowledgments of my correspondence dated 21st and 30th January 2014 respectively.

I do hope that these acknowledgments will be followed by substantive replies in due course.

We may not see eye-to-eye on many subjects but I do start to respect people who not only acknowledge when they have received correspondence but when they answer it as well.  Who knows?  It might be that your reasoning on the issues wins me over because I'm entirely open to be convinced by reasoned arguments but there is no way that I will be convinced you are right if you ignore my requests for answers or refuse to pass on my suggestions to your colleagues.

I hope to hear from you soon with substantive answers to all the correspondence you have so far left unanswered.


Myles Cook

This time, however, I did not receive a ‘bounce back’.  This could just be a very coincidental technology failure or a deliberate attempt to block yet another of my accounts so I decided to try a little experiment and re-sent the e-mail entitled “Acknowledgement” from my Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail accounts with a little postscript added which is reproduced below together with photos of the e-mails as sent from each of the accounts.

PS - My apologies if you receive multiple copies of this e-mail but I don't receive 'bounce back' automated acknowledgements from my Hotmail or Gmail accounts.  This seems strange as my first e-mail from my Gmail account did receive a 'bounce back' but the last time I tried to send this e-mail from the same account, I didn't get a 'bounce back' which seems to imply that my e-mail account has been blocked at your end.

Imagine my surprise when I received a ‘bounce back’ from the copy sent from my Yahoo Mail account as can be seen in the photo below but received nothing on my Hotmail or Gmail accounts.

Now, whilst it is always possible that it could be put down to that very coincidental technology failure again, it does seem to stretch credulity a bit too far to ring true so I can only assume that I am right and that JD-P is blocking my accounts.

It further strengthens my case when, under an assumed identity, I sent JD-P an e-mail on another Yahoo Mail account on 19th January and received a ‘bounce back’.  Both the e-mail plus the ‘bounce back’ are evidenced with the two photos below.

All I can assume from this experiment is that Jackie Doyle-Price doesn’t have the guts or integrity to face her opponents and, as evidenced by the phone call I had with Emily Clifton, gets her staff to lie about not blocking e-mail accounts.  In all, it shows that JD-P is a deceitful coward and that’s not good for the people unfortunate enough to be supposedly represented by her in Parliament.


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