Monday, 6 January 2014

This is probably as close as I'll ever get to Doyle-Price

Well, as my regular readers are aware, I have a rather strained relationship with my local MP, Jackie Doyle-Price.  Not only does she not provide substantive answers to any of my questions or pass on any suggestions I give her to disseminate, she had the temerity to insult both myself and my intellectual ability and has refused to engage with me or even acknowledge receipt of any of the e-mails I have sent her. 

Ms Doyle-Price stated that “the tone and volume of your correspondence is becoming unpleasantly hostile and I am under no obligation to indulge it” and that “I have no need of a pen friend”; you can judge for yourself whether my letters were “unpleasantly hostile” for yourself by viewing them on this very blog by searching for the tags ‘e-mail’, ‘letter’, ‘Jackie Doyle-Price’ or ‘JD-P’.

I have no doubt that the letters were strongly-worded and assertive but they were hardly “unpleasantly hostile”.  I know this because I have checked with an independent source who agreed with my assessment of the letter’s content.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that a letter I recently sent to the Thurrock Gazette regarding Ms Doyle-Price got printed and it has the dubious distinction of sharing a page with guess who.

I suppose it’s the closest I’ll get to ‘being on the same page’ as Ms Doyle-Price and that in itself makes me laugh!

 My letter, "Represent our views", was published on 2 January 2014.

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