Monday, 6 January 2014

Number 10 replies!

Below is the scanned copy of the letter I received from David Cameron’s office regarding Jackie Doyle-Price.

You may have noticed a discrepancy in the dates in the letter from Number 10.  Apparently, the Government now employs time travelers or clairvoyants to work in the PM’s office!

Here’s my response…

Dear Mr Cameron,

I received a letter from your PPS regarding my complaint and he said he hoped his response was helpful.  IT WAS NOT.

I was not asking for you to intervene in Ms Doyle-Price's dealings with me.  I asked for you to discipline her for NOT dealing with me and to give me a public apology.  I did so because 1) you are the Prime Minister and, therefore, should ensure that ALL MPs lead by example and 2) you are her party leader and, as such, should ensure that your party members act in an acceptable manner when the party Chairman fails to do so.

If you fail in your duty as party leader, then what use are you as a leader?

If you cannot or will not get involved then you should set up an INDEPENDENT BODY to handle complaints against MPs.

I'm not asking or expecting Ms Doyle-Price to give me answers I wish to hear but I should hear something approaching substantive answers I ask for.

If she fails to do that, then what good is she as a representative for Thurrock?

The response was sent via the same system as the first e-mail I sent to David Cameron so I was restricted to 1000 characters (including spaces) therefore it is not as eloquent as my other letters.

If I get a response, I shall post it right here as usual.

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