Sunday, 15 December 2013

Letter to Emily Clifton regarding JD-P's lack of responses

Below is the full text of the letter I have sent to Emily Clifton, Jackie Doyle-Price’s assistant, regarding the lack of responses from Ms Doyle-Price.

Dear Ms Clifton,

Please could you explain why I am not receiving any responses from Ms Doyle-Price with regards to the e-mails I send her?

Please could you also remind Ms Doyle-Price that it is her duty to listen to and represent the views of her constituents whether she agrees with them or not?

I have registered a complaint against Ms Doyle-Price with her party chairman, Grant Shapps, and recently sent a complaint to the Prime Minister's Office as well.

I would like a response to this e-mail within 5 working days or I will have to lodge a complaint against you for deliberately preventing me from exercising my right to correspond with my MP and carry out my duty to engage with the democratic process of which she is a part.

I would also like responses from Ms Doyle-Price on all the outstanding issues that she has failed to give proper responses within one calendar month or I shall take this matter to the Prime Minister again and will also pass on all the relevant information regarding Ms Doyle-Price's dereliction of her duty towards her constituents.


Myles Cook

If I get a response, it’ll be posted here with my delight.

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