Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Is honesty the best policy?

As regular readers will know. I have been technically separated from my wife since February 2010 but, due to problems with the local council's Housing Department, I still live in the same apartment with my estranged wife.  The arrangement is purely on a flatmate basis whilst we sort out our separate accommodation.

Not wanting to be alone, despite hating the human race with a vengeance, I have taken to signing up with dating sites, most of which I can't chat with female members on because I can't afford to upgrade my membership.  There are a couple of completely free dating sites but they are less well-known and therefore have less of a selection.

In desperation, I have taken the step of posting personal ads on the London and Essex Craigslist sites as it's free.  Unfortunately, the responses I have had so far have been more along the lines of women wanting hookups rather than trying to build up a friendship that could possibly become a loving long-term relationship.

One of my ads didn't really have much about myself but included a picture of myself as I am now which isn't exactly going to get much in the way of interest.  It did, however, get quite a nasty comment from someone saying that I'd be lucky to get anyone with a picture like that and the baggage of a separation.

I amended my ad with a comment stating that I thought that my honesty might be enough to interest a small number of women who regard honesty as a desirable trait.  Apart from a couple of offers to hook up, I have received some interest but the whole situation got me thinking about honesty in dating ads so I have decided to put it to the test.

I have posted another personal ad on the London and Essex Craigslist sites but have been completely honest about my situation and my mental health condition to see if women truly value honesty or if women who trawl through dating ads are as shallow as the men.

So far, after about four hours, I have still had no replies.  It makes me wonder if honesty really is the best policy when it comes to dating ads.

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