Friday, 13 December 2013

Another response from the Standards Commissioner's Office

Below is the full text of the further response I received from the Standards Commissioner’s office regarding my complaint about Jackie Doyle-Price.

Dear Mr Cook,

Thank you for your further email and for the suggestion you make. It would certainly make my job easier if there were such a body – but that, I guess, is beside the point.

I am not at liberty to forward correspondence with this office, so I cannot do as you ask and pass your comments on more widely. However, I will convey them to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, and here is a link that should enable you to contact the Prime Minister’s Office:

Best wishes,


And here’s my reply:

Dear Mr Prawer,

Thank you for passing my comments to the Standards Commissioner.

It's a shame you can't pass my comments to the Prime Minister as I doubt (a) he will get to read it personally or (b) read anything direct from me because of the waves I'm making about one of his MPs.  I will, however, contact him via the link you gave me in due course.


Myles Cook

I am taking Mr Prawer’s response as gospel and am taking this issue direct to the Prime Minister’s office!

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