Saturday, 7 September 2013

Two more e-mails to Jackie Doyle-Price

Below are the full texts of two e-mails I have just sent off to my MP, Jackie Doyle-Price.

Dear Ms Doyle-Price,

I recently read your statement regarding your sadness at the vote in Parliament against UK military action in Syria and I am a little puzzled. 

You seem to want to show the world that the UK takes the moral high ground when it comes to human rights abuses, attacks on civilians, etc but you are a part of and wholly support a government that has caused the suicides and early deaths of 10,600 individuals who have done no harm to anyone in this very country.

Not only that but this administration, of which you are a minor part, is currently stripping the rights from the workers of the country, eroding the human rights of everyone, causing an increase in child poverty and a decrease in general living standards, causing an increase in mental health conditions due to the systemic attack on the welfare system, conducting a top-down re-organisation of the NHS that was not in the election manifesto and was specifically mentioned as something the Tories would not do by Mr Cameron himself prior to the election, privatising huge swathes of the NHS thus creating what will become a two-tier health system with wonderful healthcare for those who can pay for it and bare basic first aid for those who have no money as well as doing a similar job on the justice system meaning that the poor and disadvantaged will not be able to get the justice that the rich will be offered on a plate.  I could go on at length at the other abuses this government is heaping upon the UK but it might look overly harsh and I have a conscience like that.

So I was wondering why you think that you and this government could possibly take the moral high ground regarding Syria when that is an internal matter to that country, one that is technically in a state of civil war, and you are doing greater damage to your own people who you are supposedly supposed to represent and protect in a country that has not seen an internal civil war since Cromwell?

One final question that begs to be answered – how can you live with yourself knowing that you are part of a government that is tearing this country apart and is committing the greatest hate crime against the disabled, sick and disadvantaged in recent memory?

As ever, looking forward to your reply.


Myles Cook

PS – Your assistant will have my address on file if you wish to send a letter through the post.

Dear Ms Doyle-Price,

I have read some of your comments on high-cost lenders from the recent debate you spoke in on Your Thurrock and I am glad that you seem to be against some of their practices.  Does that mean that you will petition Mr Cameron on cutting Tory Party links with that provides funds for your party?  It seems only right that if you are against their practices that you would seek to sever the ties between you to show that you are taking a moral stand against such practices.


Myles Cook

As always, readers, I shall post Ms Doyle-Price's replies on this blog as soon as I get them, either as a scanned copy (if sent via the postal service) or as a cut-and-paste unedited version.

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