Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Object in The Mirror is My Soul (first draft)

Here's the first draft of my new poem.  Feel free to comment.

The Object in The Mirror is My Soul

The journey seems endless
Speeding past those around me
Checking the rear-view mirror periodically
To see where I have been.

Events long past shrink from view
But there's something I've lost along the way
Something I can't seem to remember
A piece of myself, perhaps?

The road stretches before me
Disappearing into the horizon
As it disappears behind into the long forgotten past
Objects falling away as I pass them and many people too.

As I check the mirror once again
I see the figure of a dishevelled, unhappy man
He is familiar in a strange unearthly way
An incomprehensible but tangible feeling assails me.

I cannot stop for the journey's long
And if I slow down I'll be left behind
Until I realise much too late
That the object in the mirror was my soul.

© Myles Cook 04/12/2012

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